Friday, January 30, 2015


Cleveland's favourite son, Philly's adopted whelp, and R. Crumb's favourite cartoonist in today's UG Comix medium, Aaron Lange (ROMP), returns with - quite possibly - his best work to date! Get yourself hip to this full-meal-deal of sharp satire, naughty laffs, and autobiographical hijinks!!! You'll be ripping at your eyeballs for Aaron to produce TRIM #4!!
- 32 Pages
- Colour cover with B&W innards
- Digest sized (perfect for sneaking into your flotation tank!)


Monday, January 26, 2015

Lauded in print & interviews by Underground Comix legend Robert Crumb, Aaron Lange (ROMP, TRIM) is poised at the cusp of comics' stardom - and The Comix Company is proud to be his publisher!!!
Check out Aaron's ADULTS ONLY comix at:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The Comix Company has an embarrassment of riches!!!! Swell Underground Comix from the likes of Aaron Lange (Robert Crumb’s new favourite artist), Lee James Turnock (“Britain’s Least Known Underground Cartoonist”), Jay Bee, Carrie Q. Contrary, Dexter Cockburn, Milton Knight, Bruno Nadalin, and Donny Robinson!!! Find them here:


Underground Comix sensation, Aaron Lange, has officially licensed selected artworks to grace this fine line of quality t-shirts.
This Devo parody tee will make a great gift for fans of the wacky New-Wavers, or you can wear it with pride! Lovingly screenprinted by Layla Faith of Melay's, a 100% American owned company.

Size - XL
Colour - Black
Pre-shrunk cotton

Note: Shipping for this item is free to US customers (the shirts will ship from Arizona). If you'd like to order comix in addition, please note that they ship separately from Vancouver, BC. 
image (c) Aaron Lange


Time to get this blog rolling!!! And what better way to start than with Underground Comix and big boobs!!! ;) As you can see, everybody's having fun with Lee James Turnock's FUNBAG FUNNIES!!! And you can, too!!!